The BrainSuite fMRI pipeline (BFP) is an opensource software workflow for processing raw resting fMRI data. The pipeline processes resting fMRI and anatomical (T1) imaging data using a combination of software that includes BrainSuite, AFNI, and FSL,
as well as MATLAB scripts.

To facilitate interaction across software packages, the processed fMRI data are represented in a common grayordinate system.

Unique features of the BFP pipeline include cortically-constrained volumetric registration, global PDF-based non-local means filtering (GPDF), and BrainSync, a method for temporal synchronization of resting fMRI data across subjects.

By representing data with respect to the BCI-DNI (combined surface/volume atlas) and the HCP’s grayordinate representation, we aim to facilitate the use of BFP with existing analysis tools.

Features of BFP
Some of the unique features of BFP are shown below:

The BitBucket Development page of BFP can be found at