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Video Tutorials

The videos below provide detailed instruction on how to perform various tasks within the BrainSuite user interface. Click on the heading for any of the videos to see it on an individual page.

Surface Extraction

This video shows how to extract a cortical surface from a T1-weighted MRI using the BrainSuite GUI. The MRI data used in this tutorial is available here

Checking BrainSuite Outputs

This tutorial shows how to check the outputs of BrainSuite’s cortical surface extraction sequence.

Mask Editing Tool

This tutorial shows how to use mask editing tool in the BrainSuite GUI.

Manual Skull-stripping Tools

This tutorial shows how to use BrainSuite’s mask editing tool to manually correct the results of automated skull-stripping masks.

White Matter Threshold Selection

This tutorial discusses how to tune the selection of the white matter threshold for the cortical surface.

Custom Atlas Tutorial (cat atlas)

This video demonstrates how to create a custom atlas that can be used in the SVReg tools.