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BrainSuite Nipype Interface



BrainSuite and Nipype

Nipype is a Python-based workflow environment for neuroimaging that expands the potential applications of neuroimaging software by allowing different algorithms from different software packages to be utilized in a single workflow. Nipype is useful because it provides a uniform interface to interact with these various software packages, thus removing the need for developers to learn the different syntax or languages required to use each tool. It also enables neuroscientists to make their research more reproducible.

We have developed a nipype interface for the BrainSuite Cortical Surface Extraction routine, BDP, SVReg, and ThicknessPVC. The interface is included in Nipype’s public github repository. When a user downloads the latest version of Nipype, the BrainSuite interface code will be automatically included. The code for our interface can be viewed in the nipype/interfaces/brainsuite folder.

Learn More

We have created the following pages to help new users learn to use BrainSuite with Nipype:

Installation guide

Cortical Surface Extraction Tutorial

Interactive Jupyter Notebook Tutorial