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BrainSuite Atlases

This page has links to additional atlases that can be used with BrainSuite. We also include utilities to facilitate their use with Freesurfer and FSL. To use the atlases with BrainSuite, download the atlas that you are interested in using the links below, unzip and move the folder to BrainSuite/svreg folder in your installation.

The atlases can be used with BrainSuite, FreeSurfer and FSL softwares. The instructions for usage are available here. Usage


Included with BrainSuite installation

BCI-DNI_brain Atlas

Included with BrainSuite installation

USCBrain Atlas

The USCBrain atlas is a new high-resolution single-subject atlas, constructed using both anatomical and functional information to guide the parcellation of the cortex. Individual structural scans can be registered to this atlas using BrainSuite. We also provide uncertainty maps that give probabilistic parcellations. USCBrain Atlas is included with BrainSuite21a.
USCBrain Atlas detailed description

USCLobes Atlas

The USCLobes atlas segments the brain into larger regions than those provided by the default BrainSuite atlases. The detailed description of the atlas development can be found in the description page of the BCI-DNI_brain atlas description.
USCLobes Atlas detailed description

The labels in the atlases follow the Label ID scheme described in Label Id Scheme