BrainSuite Statistics Toolbox in R


The BrainSuite Statistics toolbox allows the application of advanced statistical models to volumetric image, cortical surface and sulcal curve based outputs generated from BrainSuite. This enables population or group analysis of cortical or sulcal morphology. Some features of the toolbox are:

  • a manipulate morphological data using R
  • (coming soon) ability to plot graphs, charts and visualizations on surfaces

Available statistical models/tests are:

  • Pearson correlation
  • General linear model
  • ANOVA test
  • Paired sample t-test



Ensure BrainSuite is installed on your computer.
Ensure R is installed on your computer.
Install RStudio.
Install Rtools (Windows only).

Steps for installation

Open RStudio and enter the following two commands to install bssr version 0.2.4


Check your installation

Type library(bssr).
Then type get_brainsuite_install_path().
This should display the BrainSuite installation path.


Detailed usage instructions are coming soon.
Meanwhile, follow the bssr tutorial slides for common use cases and for instructions on how to run the software.