Welcome to the BrainSuite Website

BrainSuite is a collection of open source software tools that enable largely automated processing of magnetic resonance images (MRI) of the human brain. The major functionality of these tools is to extract and parameterize the inner and outer surfaces of the cerebral cortex, to segment and label gray and white matter structures, and to analyze diffusion imaging data. BrainSuite also provides several tools for visualizing and interacting with the data.

BrainSuite Workshop in Vancouver

24 June 2017 9am – 5pm
Pan Pacific Vancouver

We will be hosting a one-day BrainSuite Training Workshop as a satellite meeting of OHBM2017. Members of our development team will present the different components of processing, and we will have experienced users on-hand to assist in learning to use the software.

Graduate students, post-docs, faculty, research staff, and others interested in learning more about using BrainSuite in their research are all welcome to attend.

Registration for the workshop is $60 (in US dollars) and will include a light breakfast and coffee breaks.


The latest version of BrainSuite (v.16a1) is available for download. This release features:

  • GUI for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux platforms
  • Command line tools for performing cortical surface extraction, surface/volume registration, and processing of diffusion weighted images
  • Ability to create and use custom brain atlases.
  • Source code (C++ and Matlab) is provided under a GPLv2 license (see http://brainsuite.org/building/ for build instructions)
  • Compiled MATLAB code now uses MATLAB R2015b Matlab Compiler Runtime, which provides improved compatibility with more recent versions of Mac OS X.

BrainSuite User Interface

BrainSuite provides an easy-to-use interface for performing data processing, analysis, and visualization of brain MRI data. The GUI is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Cortical Surface Extraction

BrainSuite provides a flexible set of tools for performing rapid automated extraction of cortical surface models.

Surface-constrained Volumetric Registration

BrainSuite uses the novel Surface-constrained Volumetric Registration (SVReg) to align subject MRI to a labeled atlas.

BrainSuite Diffusion Pipeline

The BrainSuite Diffusion Pipeline (BDP) provides a set of tools for processing diffusion weighted MRI (dMRI). This functionality includes:

  • Correction of geometric distortion in EPI data using a T1-weighted structural as an anatomical reference
  • Tensor fitting and estimation of diffusion parameters aligned with the T1-weighted MRI.
  • Orientation distribution function (ODF) estimation using FRT, FRACT, and 3D-SHORE