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We have updated the Windows and Linux packages for BrainSuite v.16a1. These changes are to address library issues that prevented BrainSuite from running on some platforms without the installation of additional libraries or due to potential conflicts with other installed libraries. The changes do not affect the outputs of the programs.

The specific issues addressed are:

Windows : two programs in SVReg were previously compiled for 32-bit Windows rather than 64-bit Windows, requiring additional runtime libraries to be installed if they were not already present. The repackaged installer includes the 64-bit builds of these programs, reducing dependencies. The difference in 32-bit vs. 64-bit does not affect the results of the programs, which produce identical outputs between the two versions.

Linux : on fresh installations of Ubuntu 14, the presence of Qt libraries on the system could present version conflicts. Specifically, the presence of an older version of libQt5Svg in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/, from Qt 5.2.1, would lead to BrainSuite trying to load this library, which is incompatible with the Qt 5.6.1 libraries. We have now included libQt5Svg in the BrainSuite distribution, which prevents the incorrect version from being loaded and resolves the issue, enabling BrainSuite16a1 to be run on Ubuntu 14 without additional steps.