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We are still testing BrainSuite for Sierra, but we have recently been alerted to issues that arise when BrainSuite is installed on MacOS Sierra (10.12). These issues are due to changes in Apple’s security policies, which affect programs that are distributed via the Apple App Store. Specifically, these programs will be run in randomized folder locations rather than their installed location (e.g., BrainSuite will not be run in /Applications/BrainSuite16a1/, but instead it will be run in a folder located in /private/var/folders/). When the BrainSuite GUI is first run, it uses its location to find the locations of its related data and other programs. These locations are stored persistently, and reused when the program is launched again. With the Sierra security update, the randomization of the file locations prevents this from working properly.

We are evaluating permanent solutions to this issue, but have explored possible workarounds for users of Sierra. These include (note that this assumes you have installed BrainSuite16a1 into your /Applications folder):

1. Using Finder, move the BrainSuite folder out of /Applications/BrainSuite16a1/ to a different location (e.g., the desktop), and then back to /Applications/BrainSuite16a1/. This will reset the security setting, and enable BrainSuite to run in the correct folder. Note that this can only be done with Finder, and not with the bash mv command.
2. Run BrainSuite from the command line. After opening a terminal, run /Applications/BrainSuite16a1/ from the command window.

If you have already run BrainSuite, and it now shows strange paths for its files in the BrainSuite Log, you may need to clear the stored file locations. To do this, run:

/Applications/BrainSuite16a1/ ‐‐uninstall

and select [Yes] when prompted. This will reset the stored settings, and the next time you run the BrainSuite GUI, BrainSuite will search for its required files.

We are still working to resolve this more fully, and will update these notes as we find better and more permanent solutions.

If you encounter issues with BrainSuite and Sierra, please share them with us in the BrainSuite forums so we can work to resolve them.