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Calculate Connectivity

You can use the volume labels generated by SVREG with the fibers generated above in order to explore the connectivity of different brain regions. Go to File > Open > Label Volume… and load fileprefix.svreg.label.nii.gz (or, if you ran SVREG with refinement, fileprefix.svreg.corr.label.nii.gz). Next, open the “Connectivity” tab of the Diffusion toolbox and click “Compute Connectivity.” After a few moments of calculation, you will have a circle graph of the connectivity of brain regions with each other.

Clicking on a region name in the graph will update the surface view to only show those fibers passing through that area; clicking another label while holding down the Ctrl (Cmd on Mac OS X) will display the fibers connecting those brain regions, while holding down Shift and clicking on additional regions will add the fibers passing through them to the surface view. Keyboard shortcuts for filtering the labels shown are:

Connectivity Viewer
Key Action
1 Show Connectivity for Cortical Areas
2 Show Connectivity for Frontal Lobe
3 Show Connectivity for Parietal Lobe
4 Show Connectivity for Temporal Lobe
5 Show Connectivity for Occipital Lobe
6 Show Connectivity for Subcortical Areas
7 Show Connectivity for Brain Areas
8 Show Connectivity for All Labeled Regions (includes white matter, ventricles, etc).