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2016 UCLA Advanced Neuroimaging Summer Program

Welcome NITP Participants!

We are pleased to be presenting BrainSuite at this year’s UCLA Advanced Neuroimaging Summer Program.

In addition to the lecture and lab session, we are also available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding installing the software or using it for your research. Please e-mail

Video of the BrainSuite Presentation

Presentation Slides & Tutorial Data

NITP2016 BrainSuite Presentation
NITP2016 BrainSuite Workshop Exercises
NITP2016 Workshop Data (439MB)

Software Download and Installation

Please note that we recently released a new version of BrainSuite, version 16a. Please download that version for the lab.

After filling out a simple registration form (, the software can be downloaded from Installation instructions are provided here.

Tips on Importing Data into BrainSuite

We have previously had questions from students regarding importing data from other software into BrainSuite. We have created a label description file based on the FreeSurfer labels (5.3.0, FreeSurferColorLUT.txt). You can download the file here: brainsuite_FreeSurferColorLUT_labeldescription.xml. To load this file into BrainSuite, go to the menu item File -> Open -> Label Description File.

If you have any other questions about importing other types of data, please contact or find us at the summer program!