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Getting Started

Get up and running with BrainSuite and its related programs SVReg (integrated into the GUI) and BDP.


Detailed documentation about each stage of the Cortical Surface Extraction sequence in BrainSuite as well as SVReg and BDP. Provides descriptions of inputs, command-line flags, output files, and information on how each program works.


Information on interacting with BrainSuite’s graphical user interface, including keyboard shortcuts.


Information on file formats used by BrainSuite.

  • DFS: File-format used by BrainSuite for surfaces
  • BST: Plain-text file format that lets you load volumes, surfaces, labels, fiber tracts, and other files at once. Useful if you will be opening the same set of files mutliple times.


List of papers describing and validating the methods used by BrainSuite


Short posts of news relating to BrainSuite (such as new releases)


Information about the people behind BrainSuite and its supporting grants.


Frequently asked questions about BrainSuite, SVReg, and BDP.